BURN01 arrived

BURN01 arrived. And it did so very fast – only three days since ordering, which beats almost all my amazon orders – and in perfect condition. Thanks to Diego Orlando, who did a great job with the organisation of it all and even reimbursed me part of the shipping costs!

I am happy to say, that BURN01 is BEAUTIFUL! Just amazing! David Alan Harvey did a grand job of editing down the incredible amount of essays he got for burnmagazine.org towards something rich, vibrant and divers. Even though I know most of the material from burnmagazine.org , the printed version made me rediscover it in a completely new and different way. Anton Kusters’ elegant layout provids a good framework for the images.

I am not bragging about this magazine – which is actually more of a book than a magazine – because I am featured in it with one of my singles. Nonono, definitively not! Although, of course it is totally nice to be in the first printed BURNmagazine. The focus of BURN01 is on essays, and rightly so. The photographers who had singles published, like me, were thankfully not left out, though, but got represented on a colorful page grid. A bit small for each individual image, but all togehter a nice statement to counterbalance the essays.

I guess this goes as a motivation for us to submit essays the next time. :)

If you are interested in ordering BURN01, please visit this page – and do not wait too long.

Hunter insisted in guarding the book, while I went to get the camera. As you can see he got into nest building recently. Collecting whatever cloth(ing) he finds around the appartment for this purpose and then hiding his treasures in the pile. A dog’s life …
(Ok, I’ll admit I put the book there for him – but he was quite happy playing the guard dog. No spider managed to get close.)

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